The Delta: winter

The Delta of the Ebro constitutes the most important aquatic habitat of the western Mediterranean.
It is possible to enjoy the beach the whole year, the Sun shines almost always.
The surface of the Delta, without relief, makes it easier to go for a bike ride, which allows a slower visit and, thus, a better and more detailed perception of all the aspects of the park.
Rice-fields, saline deposits, lagoons, channels and reservoirs that plough the Delta of l’Ebre turn this rough plain into a natural space, ideal for birds to find a hot and protected home.
The flamingos are probably the most bright and colourful species, especially for the tourists. Their most habitual place is La Punta de la Banya, though, today, the number has increased and they can be observed in the pools of "The Tancada" and also in the rice-fields.
The Delta is situated at the very end of the Ebre valley. This geographical site brings about the wind blowing in the valley, ideal conditions for practising kite surf.
The main charm of the Ebre, however, can be found when the visitor takes his own initiative. There is nothing more refreshing than to get lost among the network of roads woven by the delta.
And enjoy the typical Delta cuisine!


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