The Delta: summer

The Ebro Delta is the largest wetland in the Catalan lands. The climate is very benign.
The flatness, only altered by some dunes, characterizes the beaches of the Delta. Its waters are slightly deep. Since they are calm and warm, they are ideal for children, due to its lack of danger.
The delta plain has several freshwater pools with a large number of canals, where shallow draft vessels can navigate. The typical hook boats were the main means of transport to move among the Delta’s swampy waters.
The river Ebre, former route of trade and communication, is the backbone of the territory. Nowadays, it gives life to bank forests and fruit fields.
The constant wind and the big spaces without woodland are the ideal place to fly kites.
The Delta de l'Ebre houses about 325 bird species of the 600 existing in Europe: ducks, birds of prey, ardeids, flamingos and gulls...


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